Data Management Solutions

Harness the power of disruptive technologies to increase your day-to-day business operations.  Providing innovative data management and data centre solutions to South African organisations.

Our Services


Tailored around your business' specific IT requirements. Data Guardian provides data management, storage & support, on-site/ off-site data management services, cloud backup/ disaster recovery solutions, hosted and on-Prem data centre solutions.

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data storage products


Solutions based on core technologies from recognized leaders in the data storage industry. Securely manage and
protect your digital assets with world class technology.

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Benefits of data management


Affordable & Reliable Data Management Solutions. We guarantee a satisfactory
return on investment. Data Guardian strives to ensure superior system performance.

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On-Prem and Cloud based Solutions

Keep your files in one place.
Manage documents online with an easy to use interface.
Rely on an highly secure cloud storage.

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We keep your data safe and secure.


All types of files
are allowed.


All our data centers
are emission-free.

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